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KLC for Adults

H3R3 W3 R 4U!

Our teachers are professionals, who teaches you to love English. You will get another hobby!


Nobody is shy to speak with us! We understand our job. Teaching is a game which we enjoy playing with you.


You are in a dark room. How do you get out?  In our English courses you are given the answer not only for this question.


Kolumbus Language Club Kolumbus Language Club for adults offers courses of ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ITALIAN and of course CZECH for foreigners.

Discover a new world with us, a world of new opportunities, a world of new business associates and friends!

Do you want to talk to them? Do you want to write to them? Do you want to express yourself and understand a phone call with a client, a partner or a close friend? Then it will be our pleasure to teach you!

Kolumbus uses a method unique for its spontaneity, effectiveness and ability to discover a feeling for language in you. It is based on our vast personal professional experience in language teaching. Our method is not only highly effective, but also interesting. Each lesson revolves around a story about which a client – beginner -gets a basic idea in his/her mother tongue. A client with language experience gets this first idea about the story in the foreign language. This enables us to use new words and grammar immediately and thus to prepare conditions for conversation at the lowest possible level.



Our comfortably furnished teaching rooms, which are easily accessible by car and public transport, offer an ideal environment for learning. It is up to you whether you sit back in a comfortable armchair or at a desk and a chair. The club environment will help you see your first progress after several lessons. Free warm and cold drinks are served during the lessons.


KLC KRYŠTOF, Olešská 3391/14, Praha 10, 100 00

KLC KRYŠTOF, Sadová 61, Černošice 252 28

Lessons can also take place at your workplace, if you wish. In this case, suitable rooms and time of lessons must be chosen to ensure that the course is as effective as possible in order to bring the expected results.

Our Aim


  • we believe that our aim is your aim as well. We teach you to use the language in real life. Our teachers´ aim is to teach you to articulate your own thoughts by creating basic vocabulary or expanding your existing range. Natural, immediate and fluent communication in a foreign language will be effortless with us and it will become a great asset at your work, your studies or travels
  • apart from our own materials (aimed at your profession, if you wish)we also use tested books published by OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, MACMILLAN, LONGMAN, LANGENSCHEIDT, HUEBER and others. Their choice will be discussed with you.
  • we also offer preparatory courses for international certificates starting with PET

OUR TEACHERS ARE HERE FOR YOU – the guides of your language courses are not only qualified Czech teachers of English but also native speakers, who are able to activate your previously acquired knowledge and skills which you might not be aware of.

They are expected to have a professional approach towards teaching, good preparation for their courses and of course mastering the language.

You will find more information about our team here: OUR TEAM.

  • The price includes tuition including progress tests if you wish. If the course takes place in our teaching rooms, you are served warm and cold drinks.
  • price for one teaching unit lasting 50 min. individual = 490,- CZK + 21 % DPH


    We also offer:

    • a meeting in our school in order to create optimal teaching plan
    • one free demo lesson
    • a club of active mothers, lessons in the morning
    • KRYŠTOF ENGLISH PRESCHOOL for boys and girls 2,5-7 years with native speakers
    • KRYŠTOF CLUB JUNIOR for younger and older schoolchildren 6-18 years with native speakers

    Kryštof English Preschool

    Kryštof Club Junior

    KLC for Adults