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Both KLC and KRYŠTOF employ enthusiastic and committed teachers who understand individual needs of each client, realize the importance of close collaboration with the families of our little clients and support cultural variety. Also our other staff focuses on building strong partnership with families of our little ones.

We support professional growth of their teachers, not only by discussion forums and creating opportunities to participate in seminars and workshops organized by specialists for language teaching and preschool education. Our teachers have at least Bachelor degrees in various fields of fine arts, TEFL teaching English as a foreign language certificate or other certificates of that kind.

All of our activities in this area are aimed at maintaining the highest level of education of all clients participating in our programmes.

Our teachers at KRYŠTOF ENGLISH PRESCHOOL and KRYŠTOF CLUB JUNIOR are further trained at giving first aid to ensure safety of each child, which is our priority.

We employ Czech teachers and teachers from different English and German-speaking countries. We place emphasis not only on the above-mentioned education and willingness to work on further professional growth but also on previous work experience.



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