ONLINE English Lessons from 7 – 99 years old

If you are 7 – 99  join us ONLINE!

We have experienced quite often that being able to speak a foreign language has many advantages but we have been able to find excuses why not to attend a language course all the time. ONLINE lessons offer many pros and therefore do not hesitate to contact us! Very soon you will be able to reply question DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? YES, I DO.

… and above mentioned advantages?

The miracle is hidden in comfort offered by your home *you can connect from anywhere *time-saving *online material *screnn share


It is suitable for anyone ⇒ try 30 minutes for free or feel free to contact us via form below .

We offer group (3-4 students) as well as individual lessons.

What do you actually need for online lesson?

internet connection * laptop/mobilephone/iPad *app you prefer * advantage is headset: microphone + earplugs

Feel free to contact us  so we can start asap together!