Enrollment for New School Year 

Childhood is time of discovering

We offer safe family environment in a beautiful new building equipped with cleaning filters for incoming air, spacious and light modern classroom, outside playground and tidy surrouning. We are open to parents, our team of teachers and equipment of our classrooms enables also a high level and comfort of afternoon activities.

We are aware of the importance of movement, we bike, ski, swim and skate. The transition to elementary schools is very easy for our children.  😊

Although we teach your children perfect English, we do not consider ourselves to be an educational institution. We have experienced and well prepared teachers who create such atmosphere in which  children easily discover their potential. We offer them help to be gradually able to do everything by themselves. What we can see in preschool children is an endless source of creativity and inspiration. We know that to develop successfully they need freedom and tools. And it is exactly what we provide them. We help your children to discover the New world!

1. Foreign languages only with native speakers

We are proud of the fact that our preschool has a team of certified teachers from all around the world. Their all-day presence brings results in a very short time (so called effect of second language immersion).

 2. Personal and friendly approach

Preschool Kryštof is not an anonymous chain of institutions hiding behind a nice image. The core of our preschool is created by real people who love children. The whole personnel, both teachers and management, try to pay maximum attention to each child (max. 6 children for one teacher).

3. Excellent success of graduates

The fact that we have very good know-how for work with children is proven by the success of our graduates. For them, it is not unusual that they pass a CAE exam at the age of 15. CAE Certificate is only one level higher than the so much recognized FCE.

„… Only children know what they are looking for“, Saint Anoine De Exupéry.

Come with them to our place to have a look, they will certainly find it. 😊


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